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    I like Amelia the best, so it gets my #1 ranking! I never have really been a fan of Eloise, and the two names together clash for me because of the "El" sounds, so that's why it ranked last for me.

    1. Amelia
    2. Madeline
    3. Maeve
    4. Annelise
    5. Lilly
    6. Alyce
    7. Amber
    8. Eloise
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    1. Madeline
    2. Eloise
    3. Annelise - very frilly
    4. Amelia - I normally like this name but next to Isabelle is sounds a bit old ladyish

    I don't like Alyce, Lilly, Maeve, or Amber with Isabelle. I think Madeline and Eloise are perfect to pair with Isabelle
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    1 Annelise
    2 Amelia
    3 Alyce
    4 Madeline
    5 Lilly
    6 Maeve
    7 Amber
    8 Eloise

    Annelise Maeve gets my vote.
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    Amelia - pretty, I disagree with most posters, I don't think it's uber trendy. I think it's about equal with Isabelle. And it is feminine with lots of nickname potential. Belle and Lia are really pretty together! Ages well.
    Maeve - gorgeous and a personal favourite. However, there aren't really any nicknames which is why I put this in 2nd instead of 1st. But it's not popular, and I think will age well.
    Madeline - Classic, lots of nicknames, not my personal taste, but is ok. Isabelle and Madeline would definitely sound like sister names. And Maddie is cute.
    Eloise - a bit too french for my taste. Also, it's a bit difficult to say with Isabelle (that could just be me). Not a lot of nicknames.
    Lilly - I don't think it ages well, and it's super popular. However, it's still a pretty name.
    Alyce - I prefer Alice, and even then I don't love the name. I prefer something a bit longer. How about Alyssa? Isabelle and Alyssa are adorable. (and I ranked the names below in order, I would put Alyssa right after Amelia. (so 2nd place.)
    Amber - No nicknames, isn't great with Isabelle, and not my taste.
    Annelise - Reminds me of an old lady.

    In order of preference:
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    Thank you very much for your input!!!

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