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    Opinions on our top 3 girls names?

    Thanks for all your help with first names to go with Lila (lie-lah) for mn! Lila is my late grandmother's name and I really want to honor her! Here's our top three names for a sister of Sebastian, Oliver, and Elliott:

    #1. Margaret Lila (nn Maisy or Daisy)
    #2. Vivian Lila (nn Vita or Vivi)
    #3. Beatrix Lila (nn Trixie)

    ETA: Little girl would most likely be very blond, blue eyes and petite, if that helps with visualizing her and the fitting of the name. Our last name is hyphenated (my LN, DH's LN).
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    I think my favorite is Beatrix. It has the same "classic but unexpected" feel that her brother's names have

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    I really like Vivian but I'm biased having a Vivienne of my own. I love you boys names as well. Beatrix would be my second choice, Trixie is just too cute. I feel like Margaret is a little bland next to Sebastian but Sebastian and Vivian both end in the same sound, not sure if that is a problem for you.
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    I think Beatrix Lila sounds the best. Trixie is a super fun nn, though I'm not sure how it would work if she was very quiet, calm, soft-spoken, etc.
    For a calmer child I would go with Margaret Lila, Maisy is lovely!
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    I love Margaret Lila, and love the nicknames Maisy and Daisy. That's my favorite choice for you. But the other two are great as well -- you can't go wrong!
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