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    Thoughts on the name Sasha and possible middle names?

    Sasha has become a quick favorite of mine. Spunky and independent, but still super feminine and sweet, which is surprising coming from a unisex name! I have been having difficulty finding a middle name that works. Some of my favorites are Sasha Elizabeth and Sasha Wren, but of course I haven't gotten very far into the middle name process. I'd be thrilled to hear some suggestions. Thank you!

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    I don't think you need to brainstorm much further; Sasha Wren is a winner.

    Other suggestions from above that I like:
    Sasha Maeve
    Sasha Corinne
    Sasha Lark
    Sasha Pearl
    Sasha Margot

    A few shot-in-the-dark suggestions:
    Sasha Lake
    Sasha Lane
    Sasha Agnes
    Sasha Blair
    Sasha Joan
    Sasha Rose
    Sasha Miriam
    Sasha Marian/Marion
    Sasha Maren
    Sasha Mary
    Sasha Beatrice
    Sasha Antonia
    Sasha Bryn

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    I know a little girl named Sasha Elise, she is definitely everything you've listed and more, she's a crack up haha

    Middle name options:
    Sasha Madeline
    Sasha Rosalind
    Sasha Audrey
    Sasha Penelope
    Sasha Emily
    Sasha Harriet
    Sasha Mary
    Sasha Ruby
    Sasha Autumn
    Sasha Bellamy
    Sasha Nicole
    Sasha June
    Sasha Mariana

    My five favourite I put in bold
    Number 1 Aunty to one adorable ray of sunshine Rosalee Jillian 'Rosie'/'Roe'
    Cousin & Godmother to the delightful Erica Marisol 'Eri'/'Ricki'
    & Godmother to Sadie Bryn 'Bean' & honorary aunt to Molly Maeve Tuesday 'Molly Dolly'!

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