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    Well, I like Callan best, but I'm biased because it's my son's middle name :-) I like Callum and Kellen too. Kellen I like because I am a big fan of Kelly for a boy. I loved Callan for multiple reasons, but one of the big ones was Cal as a nn. Callum is nice, and would be on my list for this next one if I hadn't used Callan :-) I'm not a fan of Declan personally. It comes off a bit snooty to me.
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    I love Callum!
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    I prefer Callum because it sounds less trendy than Callan (which I do like but would never use). Declan is awesome as well.
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    I like Callum best. It works with Bennet and Miller too, as they are all surnames as well.

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    I definitely like Callum better. Callan (and Kellan) are both very, very trendy in my books and aren't as solid as Callum (and Declan). I'd rather go with something that has, and will, stand the test of time.
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