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    Question What are some long boy names with awesome nicknames?

    ...Long being 3 or more syllables. I really like Everett nn Rhett. Any other ideas? I like Montgomery but can't think of anything but Monty, which I don't love.

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    ♥Cole, Christian & Sir Angus Fionn♥

    Lyra Primrose, Amelia Hyacinth, Imogen Viola/ Magnus Frey, Morgan Escher, Sebastian Lake
    the rest of my combos
    Elizabeth, Adelaide, Clara, Arabella, Beatrice, Imogen, Juniper, Cordelia, Hermione, Isabella
    the rest of the girls
    William, Edgar, Jasper, Gilbert, Henry, Horatio, Magnus, Sebastian, Basil, Bennett
    the rest of the boys

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    Malachai (Mal or Kai)
    Finnigan (Finn)
    Thaddaeus (Thad or Tad)
    Theodore (Teddy)
    Tobias (Toby)
    Maclaren (Mac)
    Zachariah (Zach)
    Jameson (Jay, James, Jamie)
    And I know it was already suggested, but I LOVE Ezekiel (Zeke)

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    javad Guest
    Evander - 'Van' or 'Ander' (or maybe 'Andy')
    Leander/Lysander- 'Ander' or 'Sander' (for Lysander) (or maybe 'Andy')
    Emmanuel- 'Manny'
    Alexander- 'Alex' or 'Ander' or 'Xander'
    Augustine/Augustus- 'Auggie' or 'Gus'
    Emmerich/Emeric- 'Em' or 'Rick' or 'Merick' or 'Eric'
    Finnegan/Finnian/Phineas- 'Finn'
    Aurelio/Leopold/Leonidas- 'Leo'
    Anatole- 'Tully'
    Auberon/Oberon- 'Obi' or 'Ron/Ronny'
    Osias/Ozias- 'Oz/Ozzie' or 'Si'
    Theodore- 'Theo'
    Thaddeus- 'Tad'

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