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    middle name for Elizabeth

    Which middle name do you like best with Elizabeth? Do you prefer Elizabeth or Elisabeth? We are thinking of using nickname Lizzie--not sure that works if we did the "s" spelling. Big sister is Julia Natalie.

    Elizabeth Lila
    Elizabeth Clara
    Elizabeth Claire
    Elizabeth Violet
    Elizabeth Jane (nn Lizzie Jane)
    Elizabeth Margaret
    Elizabeth Victoria
    Elizabeth Maude

    And any other ideas are welcome!

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    I prefer Elizabeth, because I think more people will spell it like this and your daughter won't always have to say, "Elisabeth with an S, no Z."

    I love the idea of Lizzie Jane!

    What about:
    Elizabeth Isla
    Elizabeth Alice
    Elizabeth Georgia
    Elizabeth Fleur
    Elizabeth Anya
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    I love Lizzie Jane! So, so cute!

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    Unless you have a meaningful reason for preferring the S that overrides the consideration that she'd always have to correct people who assume it's the dominant Z spelling, I'd use Elizabeth. Especially if you want to use the Lizzie/Lizzy or Eliza nicknames.

    Elizabeth Jane and Elizabeth Margaret work really well.
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    I know an Elizabeth Jane and I think it's a fabulous name!!!

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