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    They are all pretty.
    Annabel and Imogen is my favourite though.

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    Thanks. Evelyn was my least favourite anyway.

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    I love all three! It's hard to pick a favourite, I think Evelyn goes best with Annabel, I could definitely see them as sisters together. However just bumping Evelyn for my first place would be Imogen, with has recently been getting a whole bunch of love from me! Scarlett is pretty, but I think it lacks something. So for me it's a toss up between Imogen and Evelyn
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    I've personally never been a fan of Scarlett. I associate it with "Gone With the Wind"... and Scarlett's character was a spoiled drama queen. Also, I think of a "scarlet woman" or a h**ker... There's also the connotation to sin, as the Bible has one verse "though your sins be as scarlet, I will make them white as snow." So, in short, I think of stuck up princesses, pr*stitutes, and sin. It also contains the word "Scar"...

    Imogen is really nice, but doesn't feel quite as classic as Annabel. I'm also not so sure about Imogen Patricia... but it is nice.

    Evelyn would be my pick, with the nn Evie. My grandma's name is Patricia Evelyn, so maybe I'm just biased. However, I think Evelyn Patricia is quite beautiful. I also see Evelyn as being in the same classic style as Annabel. If you bump Evelyn, I'd 100% go for Imogen. At least there're no negative connotations with it...
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    Annabel & Imogen is gorgeous. Scarlett runs a close second though.

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