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    What do you think of these ?

    Which is best

    Collier nn cole
    Calder nn cal
    Coular (like kohl-er) nn cole

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    Hmm.. I worry about pronunciation with all of them.

    With the "ier" on Collier I think some people would think it's the "yay" sound and some might think it's "yur".

    For Calder, I personally say is call-der (call rhyming with fall), but maybe that's just me?

    And if I saw the name Coular, I would pronounce it "cooler" or maybe "cow-ler". I would go with Cohler maybe?

    Hope this helps. Others feel free to correct me if I'm the only one with the pronunciation issues!!

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    I don't have an issue with Collier or Calder (though I also pronounce it call-der). As for Coular, I would probably pronounce it cooler too if I didn't know the kid. Pronouncing it kohler makes me think of the toilet brand!

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    javad Guest
    I like Calder a lot (also pronounce it call-der--- doesn't make the great nickname 'Cal' any less usable though).
    Collier I don't like. Sounds like it should be the occupational name of someone who works with Collies (the dog). If you use this name, don't ever have a family dog that's a Collie.
    Coular I like even less. Reminds me of toilets and coolers. Also, maybe it's not, but it feels made up. Like you wanted to get to the NN Cole and just threw some letter together to get there.

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    Haha I went to school with a kid named Coular and always thought his name was pretty cool. I also pronounce Calder call-der but I thought cal could still work as a nick name

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