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Thread: Top 4 Names

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    Top 4 Names

    Maverick, Benton, Dane and Jude


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    Maverick - I really like this. I can imagine a free-spirited boy who loves the beach and surfing.

    Benton - I can see the appeal, and really like the accessibility to the nickname Ben, but in the end, I like Benjamin better.

    Dane - I think of Great Dane dogs; I prefer the name Dante.

    Jude - I never really liked this name, simply not my style.
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    Dane - I know a boy named Dane and it fits him really well and I think it's a great name

    Jude - I really love this one. Jude the Obscure is a great book and I like the Biblical connection as well.

    Benton - I like this. I prefer Bennett myself, but I do like this. Benedict is also cool

    Maverick - this one is a little silly to me. I understand the appeal, but it sorta feels a tad....pompous or chauvinistic or something. Like naming your child "Chuck Norris" or Rebel.

    (interesting that my opinions are almost exactly the opposite of the pp, lol)
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    Maverick - I like it. Loaded with cowboy panache.
    Benton - I like other Ben names much better. Still, it's not a bad name.
    Dane - Not bad.
    Jude - I have a bad association with the name, so I'm not objective.
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    Maverick - While its cool, I'd only put it in the middle spot, if at all. I used to have Evan Maverick on my list. Also, nn Merick is cool.
    Benton - I agree with the others. It is nice, but I'd rather have Bennett. Benton is kinda choppy.
    Dane - Much prefer Dante or Daniel. But Dane is short and sweet.
    Jude - This is handsome and simple. Another short and sweet name but I like it better than Dane.

    I suppose my favorite would be Jude Maverick or Dane Bennett

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