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Thread: Top 4 Names

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    From that list I prefer Jude.

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    Maverick- A bit too "Palin-y" for me but that association won't last forever and is positive if you liked her.
    Benton- I agree that it sounds choppy but otherwise I am indifferent.
    Dane- This one reminds me of the standup comedian Dane Cook which is very positive IMO.
    Jude- I love this name and it is definitely my favorite of your list!

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    Jude- I like it. Short, simple and nice. I appreciate it. Probably my favorite of the bunch (though Dane is quite close).
    Dane- I like it more the more I hear it. Wasn't a big fan the first time I heard it, but now I quite appreciate it. I think this would be a nice choice.
    Benton- I don't really like any of the 'Ben' names (partially cuz I live in China, and 'ben' means stupid in Chinese), and this one falls right in with them. I'd prefer Bennett over Benton if I had to choose a Ben name.
    Maverick- Not a fan. Doesn't feel like a 'name' to me. I'd consider it one of my least favorite names (I would have to do some research for this opinion to stick, but I think it's my least favorite name from any of the top 400 most common names in the US). As a MN it'd be fine though... hidden.
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    Maverick- A bit too trendy and cowboy for me. I don't really see it as aging and maturing very well. Moreover, I don't see it as being wearable... I mean, it's great on a kindergartner or a hot 20 something, but not on an overweight, bald father of 4.

    Benton- I must admit that this is a favourite of mine. I know WAY too many Benjamins and Bennetts (I know 4 baby Bennetts). To me, Benton is no more choppy than Jensen or Gavin, but much more unique. What I love about this name is that it will never be regarded as trendy, and will certainly mature much better than Maverick.

    Dane- I honestly think of a Great Dane... I see the appeal, but I like it as a middle name...

    Jude- I also love this name, my only reservations would be its potential to become quite trendy, and that it some languages (such as Farsi) it means "Jew" (not that that's a bad thing, but could be a bit awkward). That being said, I can see this one also maturing well...
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    Jude is my favorite
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