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    I knew Piper was a plane but not Scout so I was surprised! I think Piper and Scout are such cute sisters!

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    I never knew they had an association. I don't think anyone except plane experts would notice. And I think Boston, Piper and Scout go well together.
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    Those names Piper and Scout really match stylistically. Scout is especially charming. <3

    I had no idea about the plane association.

    Out of your other suggestions, I find Arden lovely. Sutton really grows on you too - much more than Bailey and Brooklyn - but I have to tell you, I think I'm in the minority on that one: it would definitely provoke the most divisive reactions of all the ones you've listed.

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    My grandpa was a pilot and so is my cousin and I never would've known.

    I like your sibset a lot, and Scout is my fave of your choices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lo View Post
    I think it's not name-nerds that would notice, but plane-nerds.
    I agree. I didn't get it until you pointed it out.
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