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    Zipporah or Zipphorah for sure. Sephora sounds prettier to my ear, but the association to the make up store is too strong...Maybelene is pretty too but I would just never do that! Zipporah is a bit out-there but why not?! It's very Zippy & fun. I think it fits right in with Zuzu & Zosia which people seem to like, if not use!

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    Zipporah is a gorgeous name. I prefer the nn Zorah

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    I much prefer Tzipporah or Tzipora to Zipporah. If you're going to go with the Hebrew spelling, might as well get the Tz- sound in there.

    I like Tzipporah a lot. Zipporah is more meh to me. And I don't like Zippy at all.

    Sephora/Cephora is an alternate translation of the same Biblical personage. Don't see the makeup brand as a huge dealbreaker. It was a name first. I've seen Estée used on babies and that has less history to it. I don't recommend Maybelline though.

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