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    Zipporah by far. We have a Zipporah nn Zippy at the daycare. She's super cute, super fun, and everyone adores her. We call her Zippy pretty much exclusively.

    Sephora's far too make-up-brand to choose over Zipporah.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gijanie View Post
    Agreed. Sephora is the make-up store and with Zipporah all I can think of are zippers - looks totally made up.
    Zipporah was actually the wife of Moses.

    Also, I just wanted to add that I really like the names in your signature @beeba.

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    I prefer Zipporah.
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    I love biblical names, so I'm a fan of both forms of this name. I find Sephora more pleasing to the ear, though they are both lovely. I don't think of a makeup store as a negative connotation for a name. They name is associated with beauty products... not really a bad thing for a girl's name. If it was a boy's name that might be a negative. Or if the store was trashy, I could see the problem. So, I guess what I'm saying is... I'd love to meet a little Sephora!

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    I like Zipphorah much more, it's a stunning Biblical name and I think I would love meeting a little girl with that name, plus Zippy is a pretty neat nickname imo. Sephora while pleasant to the eye and ear has the make-up company ruining it as a name for a person.

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