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    Lovely siblings' names

    Here are the names of three siblings I teach at Hebrew Religious School.
    They're wonderful kids, and I just found out their middle names today! Their mom told me a LOT of thought went into each name.

    Spencer Gabriel (12)
    Leo James (11)
    Helen Regina (9)

    I love their names

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    I really like Leo James!
    Proud mommy to Miller Grey & Bennett Reed

    Expecting baby boy #3 to be named Declan Jack

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    Very nice-- I like Helen Regina best and Regina Helen works too.

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    Agree, Helen Regina is so pretty

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    casilayne Guest
    Oohh! I like those!! One of the first things I go when I get my roster of kids every school year is go through the name combos. Many of the names I like are inspired by my school kiddos

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