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    Gabriel and

    Blaise...I use to think this was way too much but I've come around to it lately.
    Cyprian...I've been crushing on this myself lately and it's a longtime hubby favorite.
    Jude...We would have named my daughter this if she had been a boy.
    Leo...St. Leo is awesome!
    Peter....such an underused manly classic

    I eliminated Andrew which I love because Drew is to close to Dean. Similarly, Damien which is awesome is a bit much with brothers Dean and Dominic. I have a Paul which for me has ruled out Peter as Sts. Peter and Paul are so closely associated with each other, but not everyone sees it that way and Peter is a great name.
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    Favorites for future baby:
    Thomas Cyprian and Lucy Rebecca

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    karacavazos Guest
    Like I did with your girl list, Top 10 are bolded!

    Andrew - Handsome
    Anthony - Love it
    Blaise - Not a fan..
    Charles - Handsome but kinda boring
    Christopher - Like it, maybe middle name?
    Constantine - Not pretentious, but definitely as a middle name. There's no good nn's and its too long for everyday
    Cyprian - Its okay, I'd like Cyprus or Silas or Cyrus more.
    Damien - I like it but its so tied to horror films that I won't actually use it.
    Dimitri - Always liked this one, but not its meaning. I had it as Demitry on my list.
    Duke - again, pretentious? better as an MN? Yes, MN.
    Elliot/Eliot - I cannot decide on spelling - I like Elliott
    Francis - better as an MN? MN! I really dislike this name. It's never been attractive to me.
    Ignatius - Cute! Iggy is adorable.
    Jackson or Jack - I like plain ol' Jack. It's strong and handsome.
    Jensen - Cute
    Jude - Nice name, short and sweet.
    Leo - I like it but its short on its own.
    Lionel - too tied to Lionel Richie? - Yes, how about Leonel nn Leo?
    Nicholas/Nikolas - again can't decide on spelling - Nicholas is classic, but Nikolas is more fun!
    Owen - Simple but nice.
    Peter - Dislike. Dirty nickname for something. Just not very attractive IMO.
    Roman - Very nice! Love it!
    Samuel - Handsome and strong but I personally hate it and Sam for random reasons.
    Sebastian - I like it but couldn't get over it if he were called Bastard by mean kids. Its just too close for me.
    Simon - Handsome, kinda nerdy, but I like it! (I like Simone for a girl even more)
    Stavros - Bold and unique, but perhaps better as a MN.
    Theodore - Considering this one myself, but only as nn Theo. Love it.
    Vincent - Love it, using it for next boy's middle name.
    Xavier - I also like this one.

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    fiammetta Guest
    The top ten in my opinion are...(in no particular order):
    1. Charles
    2. Ignatius
    3. Jude
    4. Leo
    5. Roman
    6. Theodore
    7. Xavier
    8. Francis
    9. Constantine
    10. Dimitri/Sebastian - can't decide!

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    Bolding my favorites..

    Andrew - A good classic.
    Anthony - Another good classic.
    Blaise - NMS at all.
    Charles - Nice name but a little boring.
    Christopher - Not bad.
    Constantine - I don't really like it.
    Cyprian - NMS.
    Damien - Like it but prefer Damian.
    Dimitri - It's ok.
    Duke - Meh
    Elliot/Eliot - I prefer Elliott but one t is fine with me too.. love this name!
    Francis - NMS, but it would make a good middle.
    Ignatius - NMS.
    Jackson or Jack - A little too popular for my liking but a fine name.
    Jensen - Last name to me.
    Jude - Love!
    Leo - Like it but prefer a longer name like Leopold.
    Lionel - NMS.
    Nicholas/Nikolas - Like, prefer Nicholas. You could still do Niko as a nn if that's where you where going with the spelling (or spell it Nico).
    Owen - Like.
    Peter - Not bad.
    Roman - Don't really like.
    Samuel - Good.
    Sebastian - Like but not a favorite.
    Simon - NMS.
    Stavros - Don't think I like it.
    Theodore - Love!
    Vincent - It's ok.
    Xavier - Like.
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