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    karacavazos Guest
    My top 10 are bolded, and I left some comments too.

    Adelaide or Audrey (I can only keep one) Love Audrey! MIL is Adelaida so kinda biased. Hard choice, but I think Audrey is prettier.
    Camilla - Lovely name. Cammie or Millie are cute nns.
    Candace - Not a fan. Feels dated.
    Charlotte - Too popular for me, and I've never liked it. Charlie on a girl doesn't appeal. Lottie is ok.
    Eleni or Helena (I can only keep one) - Definitely Helena (Hel-AY-na)
    Elise - Very pretty. I like it for a middle name, but would be unexpected as a simple and pretty first.
    Evangeline - Generally like it with nn Evie, but prefer it in the middle as well.
    Genevieve - Love it for a middle name.
    Georgia - Never found this pretty, but its better than longer forms like Georgiana,etc. Overall, dislike.
    Giselle - I find this very pretty and exotic, but I've always spelled it Gisele.
    Grace - Common middle name... but really lovely as a first!!
    Josephine - Another middle name for me, although Josie is cute.
    Katerina - I find it very pretty but dislike for personal associations. Lovely choice though.
    Lydia - Never liked this. Don't find it attractive.
    Magdalena - I'd prefer Magnolia. This name just doesn't feel right to me.
    Maria - Too common (millions of Maria's in my family tree) but its pretty.
    Margot - Quirky and cool.
    Miriam - I know a lovely Miriam but I don't really like the name.
    Nora - Cute and classy.
    Penelope - With its new popularity (ala Kardashian) I tend to hate it. But it is lovely.
    Priscilla - Mother's name. Its ok. Always found it kinda weird and I get surprised when someone likes it.
    Rosamund - The "mund" is awful. I generally dislike Rose names, but its not bad. Rosalind is prettier.
    Sonia - Know many Sonia's. It's pretty. I prefer it spelled Sonya.
    Sophie - Lovely and beautiful but very common.
    Sylvia - You don't hear this name very often, and it's pretty, but I don't like it.
    Tamsin - I think this is pretty cute.
    Violet - Hate this name. When pronounced Vi-let its so close to Violent. If actually pronounced as Vi-o-let then its okay, but still not a fan.

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    My top 10 from your picks would be:

    1.Clara - This is on my top 5 list, it's beautiful and I love the association of Clara from the Nutcracker
    2. Lucy - This name is very sweet
    3. Julia - Although, I am a little biased on this one b/c it is my name. I think it's classic and I have yet to meet another Julia (except one, who is my cousin)
    4. Anna - Love it!
    5. Evangeline - This is on my top 5 list too, particularly like the nn Evie for Evangeline
    6. Genevieve - This has something special to it!
    7. Violet - Stunning!
    8. Nora - This name is very pretty
    9. Rosamund - Like it a lot! Love other Rose varieties as well
    10. Sophie - If this name wasn't so popular I would have it higher on the list.

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    alyssa428 Guest
    That's quite a list! My top 10 (in no particular order are...
    Penelope - even if it is super popular.
    Josephine - one of my personal favorites but the husband doesn't like it.
    Audrey - classic.
    Priscilla - underrated in my opinion.

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    fiammetta Guest
    A top 10 in my opinion would be...(in no particular order):
    1. Adelaide/Audrey - I can't choose!
    2. Charlotte
    3. Helena
    4. Evangeline
    5. Genevieve
    6. Georgia
    7. Josephine
    8. Lydia
    9. Rosamund
    10. Violet

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