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  • Lily Rayne

    43 51.81%
  • Cadence Rayne

    11 13.25%
  • Violet Rayne

    29 34.94%
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    Lily is a beautiful, classic name, and it sounds lovely with Rayne and Taylor. Even if it is popular, it sounds like it has stolen you heart. Use it!
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    I couldn't decide between Lily and Cadence. But chose Cadence Rayne because the repeating -y- is a bit of a pet peeve for me.
    (I too hear violent rain and think of hurricane's and the like. - and I don't usually hear Violet as violent.)
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    I wouldn't worry about popularity if your heart is telling you Lily is the name. When I entered JK I knew no one, and I immediately met a girl with the same name as me. Not only did we have the first names, we also had the same last name initial. So I became child 1 and she was 2, but we thought it was the greatest thing in the world and we were best friends until the end of grade 6 when she moved away. However, by grade 6, I called her a nickname completely unrelated to our names, and she called me a nickname similar to our name. Just goes to show how having the same name as someone can be a blessing in disguise,
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    Thanks guys, although cadence is a beautiful name, i really am still pulled toward lily. it feels right, as i tried to explain when i was asking for name suggestions and all the berries were suggesting, the names just looked like strangers names. Names I didn't want for my child. Lily is really the only one that has felt like it does belong to her.

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