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  • Lily Rayne

    43 51.81%
  • Cadence Rayne

    11 13.25%
  • Violet Rayne

    29 34.94%
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    It is tricky when your favorite name is more popular than you like. I don't think Violet Rayne is a good idea as everyone else has stated. I'm not a fan of Cadence it seems very dated to me, maybe because its similarity to Candace. I think the biggest indicator is that you love Lily.
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    Thanks ladies your opionions are really helping i feel a little more affirmed, and just got to make sure oh feels same too. Keep the opinions coming they are appreciated and do help xxx hope all your searches are coming along okay too x

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    bump ............

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    My favorite name of these is Violet. Since Violet ends in T and Taylor begins in T, it runs together.

    Lily is my second favorite. It's very common and feels incomplete. If you have other children, you may want to give a longer name and that could seem strange next to four letter Lily. Just something to keep in mind.

    Cadence. I've never seen it in the real world. I've only heard of it on nameberry. Will probably be misspelled and mispronounced.

    Rayne. I would go with the sleeker and less trendy appearing Reine. Reine seems royal and dignified will Rayne doesn't to me.

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    I can assure there is going to be no-one in her life with the name Rayne. The spelling is not trendy here nor ever used, if it has been used in the uk it will be very rare occasion. And highly doubtful she would ever ever meet them, let alone be considered trendy. Rayne is a mixture of my brothers names , and a place in scotland called rayne, my oh has scottish roots so it of importance and significance, and not a trend or anyway common here. Reine to me, is okay and all but it reminds me of reindeer and more of the french spelling variation, more trying to impose the royal imprint as you state. I don't really want my daughter to be imposing, or claim royalty in the sense of seeming conceited, i like Rayne for it's sentimental values, and humblesness, also that it refers to the meaning 'song' and ' mighty' and 'strong counsel' as well as just queen. It is just personal preference i should think And Lily goes great with her sister Lacey and brother peter. My partners children. If i had a son in the future I would want Jacob or Elijah so i am not worried on name length. And think Lily is just fine. But thankyou

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