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  • Lily Rayne

    43 51.81%
  • Cadence Rayne

    11 13.25%
  • Violet Rayne

    29 34.94%
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    I voted for Lily before I even read your post. I love it!
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    "I only wanted to see you laughing in the Violet Rayne
    Violet Rayne Viiiiolet Rayne..."

    Lily Rayne got my vote. Very springy.

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    I second bre's concern - while my snap judgment preferred Violet Rayne, when I said it aloud to myself I heard Violent Rain. The more I think about it, the more I like Lily Rayne (and I'm not usually a Lily fan).

    Don't let popularity dissuade you from using the name you feel is right. A name becomes the child who wears it not the other way around - her sense of identity or uniqueness won't be dependent on her being the only Lily she ever socializes with. Even if she meets one or two Lilys at school, I find that most girls are excited to meet others who share their name and bond over that - they'll come up with more creative ways to distinguish one another than Lily 1, Lily 2...and Lily Rayne is really easy to say, so maybe she'll go by first + middle name if it comes to that.

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    Popularity would be a defining factor, for ME. But, if you feel in your heart, and your mama instincts that Lily is the right name, I say go for it! My Oliver is gaining in popularity in the baby naming world, but it didn't stop me. It was HIS name, and it suits him perfectly!
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    I agree - Lily Taylor is a great name! In addition to Cadence potentially being misheard/misspelled, I also hear a lot of rhyme-y ness in Cay-Ray-Tay syllables. Lily is perfect and it sounds as though you already love it, so don't talk yourself out of it!

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