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  • Cadence Rayne

    11 13.25%
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    Name Game rollercoaster huh?

    Well, after all the questions and backwards and forwards and ups and downs, we have three names, now we are discussing. And i have to say it feels good to be settling in to actually having a set few and debating them logically. Rather than be drowning in thousands of names and barely finding any i feel i can use.
    I truly felt a little overwhelmed and helpless for a while at the fact there seemed to be endless possibilities but not really, cos what i liked he didn't like and vice versa. And ones we at first said no to , came up again and again and eventually became possibilities and others were just flat out not right for us at all. Or so popularly used or whatever. I am sure you all know how hard it can be... and how it has to be right for YOU. So it is all very well asking strangers opinions and using them constructively. But also needing to remember what YOU think is most important. And how a name makes you feel. etc However , i would like to see what you all think to the names, although i do think i have a secret favourite i was afraid to use cos of popularity but am very tempted to use anyway. Taylor is last name , Rayne is middle/second.

    1 - Lily Rayne Taylor
    2 - Cadence Rayne Taylor
    3 - Violet Rayne Taylor.

    Cadence and Violet are less popular here in the uk which is why over and over again i put lily on the back burner but i do really really love it, and feel in my heart it is right. I just wanted her to not be a number lily if there are lots in her class.... but when do you draw the line? If you can't find anything you like as much? what should you do? Name your child something different? Even if it almost feels instinctive.? :/ It's a very tough one for me. Cadence i worry a little if people will spend their time asking her to spell it or pronounce it or misspelling her bday cards etc. Here it is very uncommon. This leads me to be a little doubtful of it, but still like it ofc. And then there is violet, which my mum now informs me we have one in the family already, but i would still consider... maybe... as we do not see them much,,,, but again Lily Rayne is sort of pushing ahead for me... as it feels so right. Every other name feels like i would have to learn it as my baby girls name where as lily feels like it already could be . if that makes sense at all x

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    I think you should go with your gut. If Lily makes your heart flutter and makes you happy, that's really all that should matter. While I think Violet is lovely, I can't help but hear Violent Rain when I look at the name and I'm usually not a person who hears Violent when I see Violet.

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    Lily Rayne is my favorite.

    Violet Rayne immediately makes me think of Purple Rain.

    Cadence is pretty, but even when I read it I said Candace first.
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    I love Lily Rayne! It's absolutely beautiful and you should go for it. Violet Rayne is a close second for me, but I would probably stay away from Cadence. I think you will have issues with people saying Candace.

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    I voted for Cadence before I read your post. If Lily has your heart, go with Lily!
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