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    Pronunciation of Iker?

    Saw this name in the nameberry article from the front page and I kind of like it! So how do you pronounce it? Is it EYE-ker or EE-ker?

    Would there be pronunciation issues in the U.S.?

    What middles would you put with the fn Iker?
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    I'm in the States, and I pronounce it EE-keer. But I suspect most people here would pronounce it with a an EYE sound, so that's a consideration.

    Maybe a name like Joseph or Matthew for a middle?
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    I would assume it is Eye-ker from looking at it. I like that pn best. I am intrigued by the name myself.

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    I pronounce the name EE-ker, but I live in Germany and we usually pronounce the names the way they are originally pronounced. We'd never pronounce sth german if we knew it wasn't a german name. I think that is different in the States, so it might be a problem.

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    I've heard it EE-kier and EE-ker, definitely not Eye-ker. I think pronunciation would be a big issue here. I'd go with a fairly familiar middle name to ground a name like Iker.
    Iker William
    Iker Daniel
    Iker Simon
    Iker James

    Or, if you have the heritage for it, go with something Spanish to give it real flair.
    Iker Lucio
    Iker Lisandro
    Iker Mateo

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