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    My name was going to be Lindsay Lee (gag) My moms other girl favs were Gabby Rihannon and Taylor if I was a boy. My brother jake wouldve been Chaz

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    If I was a boy, I was going to be Kyle. My older brothers are Ryan and Tyler so it still fit the Ry, Ty, Ky trend. They also considered Kyle for a girl. In addition, Morgan (vetoed because my last name begins with M- they thought I'd be called M&M for some weird reason), Brittney, Lauren, or Emily. Instead I was named Kylie lol.
    My younger sister, Carly, was almost named Colby/Colbie/Kolbie/Kolby. Ryan and Tyler were always just that.

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    I was going to be either Brianna,Courtney or Emily but instead my parents named me Carmen-Rose...

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    These are always fun to read! My mom wanted Rachel Christine or Diana Christine. My dad wanted Cinda Marie or Christa Marie. Mom won and I'm Rachel Christine. I would have been James Morris if I'd been a boy, which is now my brother's name "Jimmy". (I believe he would have gotten Cinda if he'd been a girl, but not sure.)

    My parents were convinced that my little sister was going to be a boy, although this was back before ultrasounds and such, so it's not like they knew. She would have been Stephen Richard after my dad and uncle, and called either Richie or Ricky, depending on which of my parents won that one. When she was a girl they were at a loss. My dad stopped by the bank on the way to the hospital the day after she was born and had a teller named Katrina, which he thought was pretty. When he got to the hospital and told my mom, she liked it too, and when a nurse named Katrina walked in they took it as a sign, so she is Katrina Ellen, after my mom.

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    Thats a nice story! and in refernce to someone earlier called Kara (I dont know how to quote!) i would prn it car-uh and know someone with that - how do you say it?

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