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    My mom wanted me to be Bonnie Blue (eye roll here) - Dad got the middle name he preferred.

    My brother was supposed to Mitchell Alan - he lucked out and they switched to Michael Alan.

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    I'm an Allison. I was supposed to be Erica or Waverly. I like all three names, and am not sure which I like the most.
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    I'm Lauren, but my parents also considered Ashley or Leah (lee-ah). When I was younger I wanted to be Ashley because there were a lot of "cool girls" in books and movies named Ashley. Now I'm glad I'm not because I've known a few Ashleys and no Laurens (I've met some but not known any personally). I always hated Leah. Apparently my dad also liked Catalina but my mum hates all names ending in A (which clearly eliminates most of my favourites )
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    I would have been Jenna or Lindsay, but everyone liked Lauren better. So Lauren Christine it is. I have always liked my name. Luckily I never had any other Lauren's in my schools, but it did become super common in the years after me!

    My brother would have been Nathan or Jason, but they thought Ryan was better and more unique. Ryan Donald was born just before Ryan became a super popular boy's name

    My sister was always going to be Carla Renae. They had no doubts

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    I'm a Jennifer. If I were a boy I would have been William. My brother, Michael, would have been an Emily.

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