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    My parents were thinking of a lot of names for me, but finally they thought of Chloe and apparently they just knew it had to be my name. My mom says if they hadn't thought of Chloe I likely would've been Mikayla or Katie (or a handful of other 90s names). Their original pick was Holly, but seeing as my dad wanted my middle name to be Hope, Holly Hope just wasn't gonna work.

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    My mother wanted Valerie or Sylvie, my father wanted Caroline or Anna.
    Dad won with Caroline.
    Olivia Józefa: July 2013 . Expecting #2: July 2015

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    These are all great, and for some of them I think your parents made the right choice its nice to see such a wide selection here. Im certainly happy that my parents chose Maya as I don't think anybody born in 1999 like Eustacia (or know how to spell it )

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    If I hadn't been named Samantha I would of been Tabitha or Jolene.

    My sister is Danielle but would of been Amy or Daniel If she had been a boy after my grandpa.

    My brother Michael was going to be Phillip or Isaiah. If he had been a girl he would of been Amanda.

    If my son hasn't been Holden he would of been Genevieve or Hudson

    Sawyer would of been Holden or phoebe if he were a girl

    Izabella was going to be Arabella or Esmeralda or Sebastian had she been a boy.

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    I was almost a Barbara. Glad my parents changed their mind and named me Judith - especially because it's seems to be coming back in vogue Had I been a boy, I would have been Byron or Gregory.

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