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  • Frieda

    15 21.43%
  • Fauna Belle

    3 4.29%
  • Peony

    8 11.43%
  • Clementine

    40 57.14%
  • Harmony

    13 18.57%
  • Ebony

    2 2.86%
  • Willow

    43 61.43%
  • Truly

    7 10.00%
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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    Frieda - I wouldn't want the word "fried" in my name.
    Fauna Belle - cute, but maybe too cutesy :/ what about Flora?
    Peony - first syllable "pee" second syllable "on", not a good idea.
    Clementine - okay, but Clem feels so masculine to me. What about Caraway or Marigold or Magnolia?
    Ebony - sorry, but I'm not fond of this.
    Willow - pretty, though the most common on your list.
    Harmony - meh, feels a little dated to me. Probably because I knew sisters named Melody and Harmony in the 80's.
    Truly - I actually really love this one. I think it's fun.

    Truly Abesine!
    I wasn't decided on the spelling of Frieda, that is just the way I'd last seen it spelt. Actually I quite like 'Freeda'.
    As for Fauna Belle, Belle would just be a middle name. Do you not think Flora Belle is just as cutesy? Also, Flora is getting very popular where I live, which I try and avoid.
    Peony - yeah I have considered this. I just think it's a shame as it's a pretty flower and I really don't think many people would focus on the 'pee'. After all, it's never an issue for Peters.
    Marigold and Magnolia - hate them. Marigold is a brand of rubber gloves. Magnolia makes me think of paint.

    Truly Abesine does sound nice though.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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