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    Hahaha! I am not even in to the whole superhero thing and I know who Bruce Wayne is. I kind of hope they named him after Batman on purpose...poor kid...but that's pretty funny! Luckily, it's actually a pretty solid name.

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    Californians are funny.

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    My first serious boyfriend had the first and last name of an old Hollywood actor. It made it reeeally hard to Google him in later years (you know, to find out if he was miserable without me.) So, I guess that's a bonus for him.
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    LA really is home to the most absurd collection of humans on the planet, and I say this having lived in New York for five years.
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    LOL! That is hysterical! I must say I have not had not been in a situation quite like that.

    BUT I'm afraid I'm going to put myself in a similar. I am in love with the name Noah Ryan (Ryan is the name of my brother). But I live in Texas. One of the most famous Texas Rangers baseball players is Nolan Ryan. Every time I mention Noah Ryan, the response I get is "after the pitcher??" Le sigh. It takes that one off of the table. Hmpf.

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