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    Can't help but overhearing...

    I was having lunch with a friend the other day and a woman near our table was going on and on about her drug free labor. We tried our best to tune out this sanctimommy but she was louder than the whole restaurant!
    Anyhoo, at the end she announced, "and then my beautiful little boy, Bruce Wayne, was born!"
    I couldn't contain myself. I almost choked on my thai iced tea. I tried to keep back my laughter, and noticed that my friend totally didn't get the joke either.
    And I realized, not everyone is gonna know off-hand that Bruce Wayne is the 'real name' of Batman.
    So the question is, is it not common practice to at the very least Google a name idea before you 100% commit to it? Would the fact that it's a superhero name be a deterrent? (It seemed pretty apparent that the woman had no notion of the Batman connotation either)
    I know Batman might not be a complete worldwide phenomenon, but I was lunching in Hollywood for crying out loud! (Though my friend didn't know either.... that's another story altogether)

    I obviously cringe at the sound of a lot of names. Yooneek ones, ultra trendy ones, uber common ones, etc, but this one just did me over for some reason.
    Any one else have any similar stories?
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