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    Wink Kukka

    Yesterday I meet two of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. They are exchange students from Finland and their names are Kukka (who told me how to spell here name before I even asked, she most get that question a lot here) and Aslan.

    So obviously they became even more interesting to me since I am such a name nerd. Kukka especially intrigued me so I looked it up online last night and it's meaning is flower in Finnish. How adorable is that?

    She pronounced it like Kooka from the Kookaburra song so basically it is pronounced the same way it is spelled.

    What do you think can Kukka make the transition from Scandinavia to the U.S. or is it still to soon to make such a bold choice? 'Cause I am kinda crushing on it right now!

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    It's a cute name with a sweet meaning. I don't think Kukka would transition well as a first name. It could be a more quirky middle though: Vivian Kukka, Rosalie Kukka, etc.
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    I just hear the words "kook" and "cuckoo" when I say it so I think there would be lots of teasing. It makes me think of a children's show I used to watch when I was little called "Kukla, Fran and Ollie". It may be ok as a quirky mn but not as a first name in an English speaking country.
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    Kukka isn't my fave Finnish name, but it's nice. I don't think it would translate well as it's too close to kooky.

    Mischa, I thought of that show too, but it was a bit before my time.
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    Well, first of all, Finland isn't in Scandinavia. Needed to get that one straight. In Swedish, Norwegian and Danish Kukka minus the -a is a vulgar word for penis, so that's all I see... Unfortunately.
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