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Thread: Independence!

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    Sorry to but it reminds me of the ocean liner (SS Independence) rather than a name for a human.
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    I'm going to be a bit harsh for a moment:

    The very first impression I get of the name is that it comes off as the child of an overly patriotic gun-toting redneck from the backwoods of the American South or maybe somewhere in the midwest.

    Disregarding the initial impression I can see the appeal of the name and Indie is adorable.

    Trying to see the name from another angle, I can easily see how the name Independence could signify independent thought and action. This is a much more positive and meaningful association.

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    I'm a person who likes Liberty. So I should like Independence. And I DID immediately think "that's a cute way to get to Penny, too..."

    But I wouldn't really use it in real life. I'm not sure where it breaks down for me, considering my love for Liberty, but it does. I think part of the issue is rhythm - Liberty's 3 syllables ends-in-y is not unlike a lot of girls' names from the common (Emily, Natalie) to the NB-approved (Romilly, Verity) to the mildly dated but very familiar (Ebony, Valerie). And Independence is longer and quirkier.

    But I like Immanuela which is even longer. So obviously its not just length that's bothering me.

    EDIT: Grammar disaster.
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    I don't think this works for a real person. I'd leave it as a guilty pleasure.
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    Quote Originally Posted by milliemm View Post
    I would feel sorry for the child who got stuck with Independance. She wouldn't even be able to spell it until she was in secondary school!
    Already it's been misspelled! I always write IndepenDANCE too.
    This is one Puritan virtue name that should not be revived.

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