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    Sibset: Ian and Erin...yay or nay?

    What names go well with Ian?

    We like Erin but are they too close in similarity?

    We also like Caroline, Lucille (nn Lucy), Nora, Alice, and Leah.

    What do you think?

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    Ian and Erin do sound a bit too similar. I like Nora and Leah the best from your other choices.

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    javad Guest
    Are you looking for female names? I'd suggest sticking this question over in the Girl Name Forum.
    I do think Ian and Erin sound too similar (almost the same sound, just open my mouth slightly wider when saying Erin)
    Caroline, Lucille and Nora are my favs from your mentioned names. Lucille would be my fav.

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    my boyfriend is called Ian he has a brother called Robert. I also know a Ian with a sister Kelly and a Ian with the surname Kelly (Which is quite scary cause I'm called Kelly and my boyfriend is Ian).

    How about Ethan for a boy sib set. I like Lucille but personally Lucinda is better to me.

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    I like Erin and Ian (I prefer the Iain spelling as it looks more balanced) but I don't like them together.

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