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    I really like Beatrix Lila, but I also really like the nicknames you have picked out for Margaret Lila.
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    They are all lovely options. Beatrix Lila is my favourite.

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    I like Beatrix Lila the best! Beatrice/Beatrix is top of my list at the moment for DD 2 due in 6 w
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    My favorite is Margaret Lilah followed by Beatrix Lilah and Vivian Lilah, but all of them are very nice.

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    Thanks all! Here are our additional thoughts on those names..

    Margaret- We are both anthropology majors and really like Margaret Mead.. we also love the nns Daisy and Maisy (we had Daisy on our list, but took it off, but would be happy to use it as a nn). I can totally see calling my little girl either of those nns, but not Margaret as much. However, my name is Elizabeth, and it is my "professional" name. But I go by Lizzy, which fits my spunky, unique, quirky personality. Margaret would have the same kind of thing as me

    Vivian- this is the first name that we were both drawn to. I'm not sure if it would be difficult with brother Sebastian, ending in the same sound. I always get Oliver and Elliott's names mixed up, and didn't think that would happen! So I may be a little more cautious with this one!

    Beatrix- I also LOVE this one. It has the same kind of uncommon/classic feel, and I love Trixie for a nn! DH knows someone named Beatrice (goes by Bea), and isn't sure if he wants to use it because of her.. but she isn't like an ex-girlfriend or anything.. just a friend of a friend! So I am trying to warm him up to it. It doesn't have the same consistency and international variations that the others have though.
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