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Thread: Milena

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    It's really growing on me actually, I pronounce it mee-LAY-nah (or nuh) and would Lena (LAY-nah) as a nickname. I've always loved the nickname Lena and have Elena on my list as a route to it, but Milena has recently come onto my radar and I like it because it would honour myself in a strange sort of way (name's Millie).
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    I pronounce it mee-LAY-nah. I love the name, I think it's beautiful. I knew a really lovely girl from Germany named Milena so I've got really positive associations with it.

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    Thank you so much everyone. It's very quickly becoming a favorite, and the responses made me love it more.
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    I think it's lovely...I've known several and what I love about it is how well it works in multiple could travel and live all over the world with the name Milena and it would be familiar. I know a couple Polish Milenas, a Bulgarian Milena, an Italian Milena, etc. Actually, it would have been DH's name had he been a girl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dindlee View Post
    What are your thoughts on Milena? I have always really liked it and I know that the traditional nn for it, Mila, is skyrocketing up the popularity list, but I wouldn't use it, and I feel like Mila as a nn for Milena is not that obvious.

    Milena is new to the list at 965. I'm not one to care for popularity that much anyway.

    Do you like it? If you could tell me why or why not that would be great.

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    EDIT: How do you pronounce it?
    Milena is a really stunning choice, I love the whole European vibe of this name. Milena sounds stunning and I love the nickname Mila but due to the popularity of Milena sky-rocketing you could use the nickname Millie. I pronounce Milena as mee-LAY-na I think Milena is a elegant choice, very pretty and you should go for it. The name is very low in the popularity ranks which ultimately means that their are handful of babies with this name.

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