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    Matilda Pearl is just darling and Sebastian fits so well with your children.

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    Thanks guys! So Sebastian seems to be a nice fit, I like how it's soft but also masculine. Love all the other boy suggestions as well. Mn Harris has meaning. Felicity is a gorgeous name, probably my number one. Mn Pearl has meaning to me. Matilda is a close second, an adorable name and I love the nn's Tilly, Tilda, and Tildie. Also it honors my grandma . Worry that maybe it's a bit "too clunky" but does go really well in my sib set I think. I find all three names very charming!
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    My favorites for you are Felicity Pearl (my daughter Kaias middle names! Lol) and Sebastian Harris.
    So lovely!
    I always think of the next one right after I have a baby too. My husband thinks im crazy LOL
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    With Robert "Robby", Violet, and Eloise I really love these:
    Felicity Pearl, Matilda Pearl, Everett Harris, and Sebastian Henry.

    I also like:
    Ondine Pearl nn
    Josephine Charlotte nn Posey or Josie

    Edwin Harris nn Teddy or Ned
    Nathaniel Henry nn Nat or Nate
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