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    Future Favorites!

    Hi berries! Just thinking of some names for the future as we might go on to have one more, we'll see! I have a Robert "Robby", Violet, and Eloise. I would like to stay with old fashioned, sweet, and charming with personality. I lean more towards softer sounding names I think? But am open to anything. All of my favorite girl and boy names were on my list for my third baby too.


    Felicity Pearl - gorgeous name, love the meaning, not as fond for the nn's but Liss and Lissie are cute enough.

    Tessa Pearl - nn Tess...too nickname-y with my sib set?

    Cordelia Pearl - nn Delia and Cordie. Love it but a bit harsh sounding with her brother and sisters names? Also bad association with a Delia I once knew...not sure if I can shake that. Hope so!

    Matilda Pearl - Not loving the big jump in popularity she made this year and not sure if this is too clunky for my sib set, but super spunky and adorable. nn Tilly.

    Penelope Charlotte - nn Nell/Nellie. Not sure if this is too close to Eloise since her nn could be Elle, in the furture which I really like and I don't want to limit her future nn potential. But I really dislike the nn Penny


    Everett Henry/Harris - Too close to Violet and Eloise? I like the nn Ev, Ever, and my favorite...Rhett.

    Dean Henry/Harris - Too modern?

    Sebastian Henry/Harris - nn Seb/Sebbie. Also like Bastian. Handsome soft sounding name

    Any other boy ideas for me? I don't want anything "too" classic...has to have some personality and wow factor.

    Thanks so much!!
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