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    The Sky Family

    I´ve just seen a German reality show and there was a mother with 8 children on it. She really likes New York, but she has never been there. Guess what she named her children!

    Luke Perry
    Chayenne Lee
    Angel Sky
    Shaina Sky
    Morten Sky Maddox

    The first four children are from her first marriage, so this explains the change of style. But what about the other children. They have a German last name and the children are growing up in Germany. You may think that the children can change their name when they grow but; however, it is almost impossible to change your name in Germany. What do you think of the names in general?

    I personally think that these children will have a hard time to be taken serious with those names, in particular in quite traditional Germany.

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    It would nice to find a reality show family with wonderful names spelled correctly for a change. Skyline is terrible and Luke Perry is pretty cheesy. I don't think Morten should have any problems growing up in Germany and his name seems the best to fit in. Angela/Angelika (spelled with a k) are German names so Angel may be ok. Shaina is a Yiddish name which means "beautiful" and that one may not cause any trouble for her unless she lives in an area with a lot of Neo-Nazi gangs running around, The remaining names would be odd to have in Germany.
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    I must mention that she calls all children by their first names and middle names. So Angel Sky sounds more like Angelsky.

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