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    Thanks for the feedback so far. My issue is that I get two completely different images from Philip and Phil - Does that make sense?

    Philip sounds sophisticated to me, whereas Phil sounds..Dated and middle aged at best! I could tolerate Phil on a teenage son if it were his preference, but as a child, I would probably try to steer clear of it.

    It may be off the table any way - My DH tonight suggested we could call him Philly as a baby and it would be cute, I was not impressed by the suggestion

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    I think it's avoidable. Just tell people you perfer Phillip. Of course, he may just like Phill whrn he's older, but all in all avoidable. At least I hope so. I just named my son Daniel. Like you I hate the shortened Danny, or Dan.

    I perfet Phillip with two L's.

    Good lucl!

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    I think if you could handle an adult & teen Phil you should go for it! Pip or Flip is a really cute childhood nickname.

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    It's avoidable. I can't imagine there are many people out there who want to call a little boy Phil.

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    I love Philip! It's my front runner at the moment. I think Phil is only going to be avoidable while he's young. I hated Philip when I first started to like Philip, but it has started to grow on me. I'll be pushing for Pip though.
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