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    I know a Philip that goes by 'Lip'.
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    I think Pip is adorable. I like Philip better. This is a name I like but I also dislike Phil. Just always use the full name or a nickname you like, like Pip.

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    I went to school with a Philip who never went by Phil. Phil is avoidable, but whose to say he won't decided to go by Phil one day.

    I prefer the Philip spelling because, for some reason, Phillip makes me think of 'full lip'. I don't know why, but I do and it's just an odd association to have with a name.
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    I think it's short enough that it's possible, so that if it is your name you can keep people from calling you that.

    However, you never know what he will like.
    You can't control it if a cool kid starts calling him that at school and he likes it and keeps it. If you absolutely abhor it, I'd steer clear.
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    I slightly prefer Phillip to Philip, but both are nice. For me, I would never pick a name whose most intuitive nickname I really dislike strongly. For example, I love the name Veronica and like the nicknames Vera or Vinca, but Ronnie or Nic or Nickie are just not names I want any future daughter called. I feel like Ronnie is most intuitive for a certain generation. It's pretty much off of my list. I just don't want to be the "Veronica, not Ronnie, Vera if you must, but absolutely not Ronnie." mom...I feel like it's a losing battle. Either she will love Ronnie cause she loves it or to rebel. Or my MIL will use Ronnie cause she loves it or cause she loves getting under my skin. And I just want to avoid being that shrill personality type as much as I can. I think you have to ask yourself if you would mind having a teenage son called Phil because I think you can only control it through childhood. A lot of little boys called William or Liam right now might be Bill in 10 or so years!

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