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    At school there was a boy called Philip who only ever went by Pip. It's definitely possible to avoid Phil.

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    I have an Uncle Phil, who only goes by Phil. However, my friend's husband's twin brother, Philip, only goes by Philip. So, I don't think it's really such an issue. You would, though, have to consider that he may reach a certain age and decide that he likes Phil better than Philip...
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    I think it is avoidable, definitely. Families are usually the people that start nicknames, make sure your family knows not to start that one!

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    I went to school with a boy who only went by Phillip. I like both spellings, but would probably go by which is more popular.

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    I think Philip looks a bit cleaner and more masculine.

    I know a handful of Philips who all go by Phil. When it comes down to it, as your child gets older it's going to matter what he prefers. There's a good chance he'll prefer to go by Phil if you choose that name, but if family and everyone else calls him Philip as a child, it might not happen.
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