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    I like it! I only dislike alliteration if the name choice or the surname is in any way comical or overly cutesy. This works.

    Also- Jude Carter sounds an awful lot like June Carter (as in Cash)
    Ha ha, yes it does- although Jude is 5 now and you're the first person to mention it! Even my dad who is a big Johnny Cash fan and plays his music to Jude all the time!...Hopefully it won't cause any gender confusion issues

    Thanks for all your thoughts Berries!

    I like Coraline but don't think I would use it as it I wouldn't want people to think we lacked so much imagination we had to lift a name straight from a film! Also think she would forever be called Caroline!

    Well Coralie is our first choice at the moment- probably to be teamed with a short, spunky middle name like Scout or Lark
    Thank you for your help!

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