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    Thanks everyone, so far thumbs up for Coralie then
    I agree, I think different number of syllables is the key!

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    I like Coralie Carter. I dont like Cora or Coral with Carter. Coraline Carter would be nice as well.

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    I love it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gwensmom View Post
    I like alliteration but I have two rules: different number of syllables and not beginning AND ending with the same letter. My test is basically Peter Parker. To me, this is not a good flow and it ends up sounding like the comic book character he is. Coralie Carter, on the other hand, sounds lovely! (Even Cora Carter isn't as nice imo because they both have 2 syllables). I think Coralie fits nicely with Eloise, Jude and Iris too
    These were my thoughts as well. It's fine with Coralie but not Cora or Coral. Coral Carter really sounds like a cartoon mermaid.
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    I like Alliteration. Gemma Jones for example, not obvious.

    I agree that you need to have names with different syllables. Coralie Carter is lovely.

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