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    I'm strongly considering giving my child two middle names. I usually pick combinations that include two middle a name nerd, I like so many names that I really need to take the opportunity to fit in as many as possible (more than 2, or 2 middles and a hyphenated last name, IMO is too much).

    Baby's Dad actually had two middle names. I'm not sure why, I don't believe it's a family thing...I think it was just so he could have a name honoring more than one person and his parents could still pick the FN they loved. We questioned whether to give our baby one or two middles, decided "whatever sounds the best", and still haven't chosen. I get kind of excited when others have two middles, because it's 1) an extra name to dork out about and 2) making me feel less weird if I give my kids two middles.
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