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    Should I reconsider? Emberly/Ember. ?

    I have another post and I ask that you continue to suggest names for it please... and thankyou to those hat have already. I really appreciate it as have found this process difficult and draining. With under 8 weeks left i would like to get it worked out before she gets here preferably. Or at least narrowed down. Anyhoo me and my oh did have a name set and called the baby by it for months, until his cousin saw us in the mall and made fun of it, quite enthusiastically mocking the name and singing a rhyme and just being rude and not nice about it. My partner was very very mad, i never in my life saw him get so mad, he didn't snap out of it all day and said he wanted to change the name. I had not been a hundred per cent sure on it so, i nodded and sighed, and was mostly thinking oh god, how will we come up with another name. As girls names i find it difficult these days to find a name i am passionate about as they are so overused and i guess maybe at 28 i have heard name overkill. I dunno, anyway this baby is my first, my partners 3rd. His other two peter and lacey live with us. But i have had quite a painful pregnancy with spd pelvic condition, and alot of sickness. I am not sure I will but myself through it again. So I really want her name to be right... and be perfect for us. But i have been back and forward, up and down searching, obsessing, non obsessing, hiding, pulling hair out lol Trying to find this name. Now i am not sure if we should still consider her original name as we keep slipping up and calling her it still, after habit of doing so for months.
    I have a post asking for first names possibly to go with the nickname rayne. As it has family links and nice meanings. So I am wandering whether to put Emberly Rayne Taylor(last name) back on the table. Or Ember Leigh Taylor. Back on the table. Or whether to keep it off at all. What do you guys think? OH really likes Cadence Rayne Taylor but I am not sold on it. I liked Violet but do not have any pretty nicknames for it and wander if i is too popular now. Anyways. Please let me know your thoughts and any more suggestions for names on this or the other post would be gratefully appreciated <3

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    Violet is continuing to grow on me. Does it sound okay Violet Rayne Taylor? .-. Or do i need a few days off naming lol xx

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    I think Emberly sounds good with your middle and last names, Cadence flows too, Ember not so much. I really really like Violet though and I must admit its growing on me too. Good luck, sounds like you're almost there

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    Your husbands cousin is a jerk.

    Violet Rayne Taylor is beautiful. Vivi Ray would be a cute nn.

    I don't think Cadence Rayne Taylor flows well. I do like Cadence though and think Cadence Rae Taylor sounds nice. Cadie is a cute nn.

    However, since you already think of the baby as Ember, what about using Rayne Ember Taylor or Rayne Emberly Taylor. Continue calling her Ember and convince your husband to tell his cousin off if he causes any more trouble.
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    I love the name Emberly and I think you should keep it if you love it and Emberly Rayne is absolutely beautiful! I also like the name Emberlynn. Just a suggestion. I don't really like Violet doesn't flow very well to me.

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