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    I think Raina Taylor would be so gorgeous. It goes very well with the sibling names. I think Ember sounds like Amber when I say it and Amber was just so over-used in my generation. Violet is a nice classic name. I think Violet Rayne is kind of off because it's two words. Maybe Violet Lorraine would flow better?

    I like the name Raina, Reina, Reigna, Rayna, ect but I like the Raina spelling best as it seems most simple. Rayna is nice if you have a connection to the Ray part. Also if the name has a Ray/Raymond connection maybe Ramona would be a nice choice for you. Maybe in the middle?

    These are my favorites out of the names you mentioned, but my true feelings are that you shouldn't let a critical family member ruin a name that you love and feel a connection to! If the name was something with an obvious thing about it to tease that you just didn't notice than maybe they are doing you a favor, but if they are just teasing you about the name to be rude, opinionated, get under your skin, ect you should just ignore them. Is this cousin the height of taste, class & sophistication? Probably not, right? Just remind your husband of that...and the fact that you can't please EVERYONE when you pick a name. Go with what feels right!

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    Emberly Rain Taylor is my vote. Ember Leigh is just like Emma Lee to me. They are one name split in two. I really like Emberly though! I also feel like Rayne is a confusing misspelling of Rain, Rein, or Reign. There are so many proper variations of it that I don't see the need to use one that doesn't make sense, unless, like a previous poster said, the name Ray means something to you I also really like Violet, but Violet Rain may be overkill on word names. Have you thought about Lilac or River? Good luck!

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    I like Violet the best of your options
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