View Poll Results: Do you association the name Caius with the Caesar family?

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  • Yes, very strongly

    8 11.76%
  • Yes, but it's not a strong association

    8 11.76%
  • Not really, I associate it as an old Roman name, but not specifically with that family

    40 58.82%
  • No, no association with Caesar family in my mind at all

    12 17.65%
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    I am a history buff, so I strongly associate it with the Caesars... However, I would have no problem naming my child Alexander (despite how many people died in his conquests).
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    SO I saw the title and thought, "Caius, how cool!" then I read the rest of your post and thought oh yeah! Which is really funny since I have degrees in history and archaeology and spent a great deal of time studying Rome, Latin and Roman Britain! Still, I only thought about how interesting it would be to meet a Caius.

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    I don't at all.

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    I do see a connection with Caius and the Caesar family but I don't think that fact overwhelms the name at all. For me, the association wouldn't be strong enough to exclude it from contention. I think it's a fine name.
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    javad Guest
    Alright, thanks all, I'm getting pretty convinced I don't need to let them Caesar's be a barrier. Appreciate the input....

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