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    Estelle Sylvie!! Estelle is one of my favorites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonkai View Post
    I much prefer Estelle Sylvie (so romantic and lovely!). I really don't like Marlowe- it is too masculine, and you are right that she will almost inevitably be nn "Marley"

    Also I think you could totally get away with Estelle Sylvie Evangeline if you wanted to (just a thought)
    I agree. Avah is all girl and I think Estelle is too, not so much for Marlowe.

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    Estelle Sylvie is a gorgeous name, it gets my vote!

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    Wow thank you, it looks like the consensus is Estelle... Such a hard thing picking a baby name to last someone a lifetime. Estelle was my first pick, I have just been second guessing myself... As we do. And I love iris Evangeline... Maybe there will be a next time.

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    Marlowe goes best with your first two.

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