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    When we first named our son (Elijah Myles), I knew of a few Elijahs (But I'm a teacher, my husband is a teacher/coach, my aunt is a teacher, my mother is get the point). At the time, my mother had 1 Elijah in K5 at her Christian school of 200 kids. My husband knew of 2 Elijahs in his junior high of around 700 kids. So, I didn't feel it was TOO popular. Also, it's classic and biblical.

    BUT the moment we started sharing his name, so many people started saying, "Oh! My 2nd cousin just named her baby Eli!" It bothered me at first. In fact, we nearly changed it. But we decided that we liked it enough that we would use it.

    The 2013 list just came out and Elijah is unlucky number 13. Meh. It's a bummer. But I can't imagine my son being anything else than an Elijah
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    I think Silas is going to hit top 50 to top 20 for sure. It seems to be popping up in a lot of tv shows and movies lately. So many people are looking for underused biblical names, and this one is a winner.
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    Emma is EVERYWHERE

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    That's funny someone brought up Duck Dynasty. I was home (WI) visiting family 2 weeks ago, and my aunt and uncle had me watch that show with them. Apparently it's the new big reality show among the people living in or around my home town. The culture of the area is REALLY into hunting. Anyway, there's a cousin named Si, short for Silas, on the show. My first thought was, "Wow, Silas is going to be the next big name for baby boys around here."

    Anyway, I think it's a regional thing. Is hunting big in NC? If it is, the show may have an impact on naming trends around you. It's worth considering.
    It will be a well-known name some places and unheard of in other places. I moved from SF a year ago, and it was a relatively popular name there, but for entirely other reasons.

    You will be able to wait and see what becomes of the name before you actually have to figure out if you want to name your son that or not, so that is a big plus!!
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    My son was born May 2011. and I named him Silas. and I've yet to meet another. and people pronounce his name wrong ALL. THE. TIME. so if it helps any, 2 years later and everyone looks at his name like it's Jibberish. So It's not that popular IMO.

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