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    Silas has that soft/old fashioned feeling like Lucas or Elijah or...Jacob. I see it as really usable so that means it has popularity potential. And Si has a nice ring to it.

    I think if you would be really crushed if you met another little Silas that you should consider something way more distinct...but if you love love love the name it shouldn't matter to you that much cause it's not like it's in the top 10.

    But to the pp who mentioned Emma...they must all be in my town cause I have met so many Emmas since moving here!!

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    I wrote this on a forum about Imogen and I feel it applies well here.

    'Imogen is one of my favorites. To me, personally the popularity of any name isn't a issue and I only judge it on the people I know or have met. Really how many Imogens' are you going to meet in your life? You meet way less than 100,000 people in your lifetime and there is seven billion people on this earth most with different names so that means that there must be around about three to four billion names maybe more. So really you will only meet around three maybe four Imogens' in your whole life, probably less. I honestly think that too many people make the popularity think a huge issue but it's not. All that should matter is that you and your partner like the name, that's all!'

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    For some reason, the SSA website only gives me the top 100 in my state. It's definitely not in the top 100, so that's good. I do love the name, but my husband just likes it. I guess it would be more imminent if I were to get pregnant with a boy, but it still bothers me now. I heard a Mom yelling to her son Silas the other day at Target, and it kind of irked me.
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    I know two people with babies under 2 named Silas. To me, that's too popular. I mean I don't know that many people...

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    Yeah, they only give the top 100, but if you look at the actual numbers of babies born by the time you get to 100, the numbers drop off pretty dramatically, at least they do in my state, a very little New England state. Silas is quite biblical as well. Maybe you just happened to run into a religious family?
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