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    It is hard to predict what a name will do. Names often jump in popularity because of a character on TV or in the movies. I think this explains part of the jump in popularity of Silas. The question is - will it head back down or up? I would not have predicted Mason would be as popular as it has become?

    If you love Silas use it. Whatever happens in the future, it is not overly popular right now.
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    I would check where it ranks in your state. And look at the actual numbers of babies born with that name. I think it puts things into perspective regarding how popular the name really is.
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    I think where it ranks in your state is more important, it may not be popular where you actually live at all.

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    I just gave birth 3 days ago and named my baby Silas! I am actually surprised with the number of people who are unfamiliar with the name. My pediatrician told me he is the first Silas in the pediatric group and many ask the meaning/origin/spelling of the name. I live in a large LA suburb. Since I can't control the popularity of a name, I place little value on that aspect. I believe the meaning and likability are more important than popularity.

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    Popularity is so regional and at 161, you may not ever run into another. When we named our son Joshua in the early 80's, it was very popular but he's only known one other and that one is about 10 years older than he is. On the other hand, our daughter Johanna's name was nowhere near the top 100 and she knows 2 others! You just can never tell.

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