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    Angry Popularity Issue!

    So, I've felt lately that Silas is getting pretty popular and I finally looked it up on the SSA website. It has went from #602 in 2000 to #161 in 2012! I had no idea it was that dramatic! Now, since it is my current #1 boys name, I am freaking out. Exactly how popular is a name at #161? Do you foresee it continuing to skyrocket, or start to taper off soon? I thought maybe it was because of Weeds, and now that the show is over for good maybe it will start to slip again?

    *sigh* Why do I always love names that are skyrocketing in popularity? It's so frustrating.
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    I wouldn't go by the SSA list at all. Emma is supposed to be popular but I've only met like maybe 2-3. If you love it use it.
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    I think being #161, in itself, is not an issue. That's not crazy popular or anything. Popular enough where you might meet one or two here and there, but not that common. However, saying that, it does seem possible that Silas will continue to rise more, so you'd have to determine how big of a deal that is for you (who knows though, really--- I'd guess it'll end up somewhere in the top 100, but I don't really have any reason for this other a guess based on it's current trajectory). But Silas isn't some sort of modern 'trendy' name or anything, so I don't think you have to worry about that. It's a name that's been around for a very very long time (sometimes more commonly, sometimes less commonly, but always around). One of my favorite names is Jasper (and the only of my top 10 that is even in the top 500 at all), and for a minute I had a similar worry to what your talking about with Silas (Jasper has also shot up pretty rapidly), but when I reflected on it more I realized that it really didn't need to be an issue, so I detached from that worry and am glad I did.

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    I wouldn't worry! The move to #161, in my opinion, just means that Silas will now be more 'known' - it won't cause confusion or weird looks, which is a good thing to me! It's still out of the top 100 so it won't be everywhere. There might be another one or two in your suburb - you can't really know! And if it does eventually push into the top 100 your son will be ahead of the curve!

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    I also like it a lot but I haven't convinced hubby. It'd be #2-3 on the list anyway.

    As for Popularity... there were 2,460 little Silas' born in 2012. If you were to stretch that out evenly over all 50 states, that's less than 50 Silas' per state for the year. (Yes, I realize some states are huge and some states are tiny.)

    Every year that passes adds more of an age difference so there might not be another one in your child's whole school. Even if there is, there most likely won't be 2-3 in his class. And even if it gets more popular in the next few years, I don't see it jumping into the top 100 too soon, if at all. It will probably linger between 100-200 for a while.

    And when you do the math, it's not so bad. Yes, you may meet one or two others, but they probably won't be the same age or live near enough to change your life.
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