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Thread: Isla and Eli?

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    Both very nice names, but they are incredibly similar. If you like that twin-like feeling (Molly and Millie, Jane and James, etc) then go for it. I know someone with two brothers named Dennis and a sister named Denise.
    Personally, I'd look for something more distinct. Any other names you've considered?

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    I totally understand what your friend is saying Isla & Eli feels like a tongue-twister, the names just don't work well together. Have you got a potential middle name for Isla? If so what about swapping the names around so instead of Isla Jane maybe Jane Isla? For example.

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    Isla and Eli are incredibly similar. Both are two syllables with an "L" and a long "I" sound. It's very matchy, but if you only plan to have two kids I guess it could work...

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